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Chilean contemporary dance company

directed by Ioanna Kerasopoulou,

Greek-German dancer who lives

in Latin America since 2020.

The company works on developing its own movement technique named CicloAntagonico, creating dance pieces and founding Kinissis Festival. They have given Workshops in Chile , Greece and Germany . During June and September they tought and presented their work at the international festivals Fragmentos de Junio in Ecuador, Cortoscineticos in Colombia, La Mirada

and TAXI in Mexico





CicloAntagonico is research movement created by Compañia Oxymoro. The main objective of this technique is to connect the dancer to their breath, teaching them to find their energy and the flow

of the movement, while discovering and overcoming their own personal artistic limits.

The movement language that is used in CicloAntagonico is inspired by floor work, acrobatics, capoeira and the individual style, form and movement quality of Compañia Oxymoro

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