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Piece by Sita Ostheimer Company 20.01.2023

You and me, we are brothers.

That's why I could easily call you my enemy.


Someone who sets traps and invents obstacles in order to get me off track

and make me lose my direction.

You know a lot about me. More than others.

But I have decided not to see you as my enemy, but as a mystery, like I see myself.

That's the most challenging way.

But I feel that digging deep enough

and going far enough will make me find something familiar in you.

Something I trust.

Something that will bring me joy.

I care for you.


The Inevitable and You

 Screening the making of  documentary 19.01.2023

If no one can see, there is nothing,
and if there is nothing, there is darkness.

Nothing is dark and silent,

and your certainty is everything.
In nothing, you are everything.

The night left and chaos broke.

All is gone. Now you are all. You are the first.

Every single step of yours

is the creation of the next.


360° movement

Book presentation 20.01.2023

Movimiento 360° proposes a dance practice through Capoeira, rescuing patterns of its
historical origin and its relationship with the body. This Afro-Brazilian martial art has
its origin  in animalistic movements, that complement a range of possibilities within dance. In this way, we challenge the body's anatomy in relation to earths gravity.

Alena Arce will share the fundamentals of this movement research. She will as well share copies of her book.

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