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Los Little Guys

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Little Locomotion

In this workshop, we will focus on elements of physical exploration through the study of movement improvisation, aiming to uncover the range and complexity of our physical potential.

By establishing a foundation through our connection with the floor via our feet, we will approach improvisation by consistently incorporating motor impulses, gradually building complexity with the utilization of different layers of focus on our bodies.

The objective of this workshop is to provide a unique perspective on how we engage with movement improvisation practices, challenging both the body and the mind while enhancing their connection. The goal is to cultivate greater awareness, clarity, and variation in our movement patterns, and to utilize this information for ongoing personal development and enjoyment in our individual explorations.

"Los Little Guys" is a Mexico-based project initiated by Erik Elizondo and Dimitri Kalaitzidis in late 2017. Since its inception, they have undertaken residencies, creations, and performances, both showcasing their own work and collaborating. They have also provided classes and workshops across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Primarily using improvisation as a creative movement approach, their work's motivation lies in consistently discovering ways to re-educate the body through the interaction between physical and imaginative space. The name "Los Little Guys" was conceived from the desire to break away from the common structures of contemporary dance that idealize large and strong bodies, and to always incorporate playfulness into their practice.

The Little Guys website

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