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Fran Ri


The main objective of her workshop is to provide participants with a vocal and interpretive

training and improvement.

It will facilitate collective and individual dynamics, exercises of holistic self-knowledge

of the body and the voice,

as well as improvisation techniques.

with a degree in Acting and a Diploma in Vocal Performance with Roy Hart Technique.
She has studied with teachers Annie Murath (Roy Hart Method), Ilein Valencia (Shamanic Singing), Merlyn Cruz (Lyric Technique) and Zule Guerra (Scat Technique).
Since 2011 she is the main vocalist of Newen Afrobeat, with this group she has toured latin America, North America, Europe and Africa.
At the end of 2016 she founded her own project , named Madam & Samurai Groove.
Her first approach to teaching began in 2013, by teaching at the PUC. Since 2015 she works as a vocal facilitator providing group and private classes in singing and interpretation technique.

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