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Marion Sparber


From Inside to outside

Training in contemporary dance with an emphasis on spirals and floor work. We begin the class by opening our channels of awareness and feeling both the interior and exterior, everyone and everything around us. The warm-up is focused on traversing the entire body and expanding our flexibility and strength, always maintaining a flow of natural and organic movement, while sensing our feet as the foundation and connection to the earth.

With the help of exercises and games in various constellations - in groups, pairs, and solo - we listen to the weight of our bodies and guide them through space, being conscious of proximity and distance, as well as our orientation and relationship to the room and other dancers within it. We move like a continuous spiral towards and away from the floor, using attack and release as our guides, and strive to work from the bones and spiral connections of our bodies, releasing unnecessary tension while engaging our muscles. The skeleton acts as the engine of movement and the center serves as the interior of a flower growing in all directions.

The objective is to foster curiosity and interest in detail, connection, and risk-taking, in order to grow as individuals and members of a group, and to explore new territories as performers. We utilize everything at our disposal as tools for expression and performance: our bodies, voice, imagination, experiences, feelings, senses, knowledge, dreams, visions, while also drawing inspiration from working with objects and the space surrounding us.

Marion, originally from South Tyrol, Italy, received her dance education at the Varium School and Iwanson. Since 2014, she has secured funding as a choreographer in South Tyrol and Germany, enabling her to create and develop her own work. Marion's choreographies often merge playful connections of highly physical dance, dance theatre, live music, video installations from Projeto Solo, and photographic projections from Elli Stelzer. Her work in the independent scene has been showcased at numerous international theaters and festivals across Europe, North and South America, as well as Asia.

Marion has collaborated as a dancer with choreographers and companies such as Francisco Córdova, Stella Zannou, Sonia Rodriguez, and Adn-Dialect. As an educator, she has worked internationally at various schools, dance companies, and festivals including Deltebre dansa, B12 Festival, Tanzcompagnie Rostock, Tanz Bielefeld, Tanzcompagnie Braunschweig, De curiosa naturaleza, Circuit-est, Atlas festival, Pera GAU, Riga.on, Lands in Dance, Iwanson, Camp In, EPDM, La Cantera, Vim Vigor, The Playground NY, Diavolo Company LA, Performact, Marameo, Sozo, Tanzfaktur Köln, Tanzhaus Zürich, Profitraining in cities like Basel, Leipzig, Freiburg, Munich, Hamburg, and Lucerne, OCDP, Goa Contact Festival, Play Practice Artist Residency, Cyrculacje Festival, Sfera Ruchu, Academy Dancer Russia, La Macchine, Nómada, and Descalzinha danza

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