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Juan Veneziale

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Anatomia Creativa

An experience for creators and individuals interested in the creative development of the performing body, aimed at expanding the range of their psychophysical skills and working on their personal expressive potential.

This seminar was conducted within the context of various national and international festivals in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru.

An independent performing artist from Argentina, he is the first graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Dramatic Arts from the National University of Río Negro. He is an Actor, Educator, Clown, Cultural Manager, Lighting Designer, and Juggler. He trained with groups such as Malayerba (Ecuador), El Teatro de los Andes (Bolivia), Yuyachkani (Peru), Teatro La Candelaria (Colombia), the Latin American Center for Theatrical Creation and Research (CELCIT) in Argentina, and at the Congress of Extreme Arts and Movement TAXI (Mexico). He also studied privately with renowned theater instructors in Argentina and Ecuador.

As an actor, producer, lighting designer, and educator, he has participated in various international theater festivals across Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru), as well as in Germany. He received scholarships from CIN, UNRN, INT, and FNA due to his academic achievements.

He is currently completing a Specialization in Critical Text and Media Dissemination of the Arts at the National University of the Arts (Argentina). He is a member of the Latin American group Lukoreta Teatro, part of the Patagonian independent theater group Pim Pam Pum!, and the producer of the Comedy Theater Festival Da para REír

Juan Lautaro's website

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